Super Easy Vampire Halloween Donuts

Vampire-DonutsNeed a quick Halloween treat for work or school or party and don’t have time to cook? Everyone loves donuts and why not make em a bit on the scary side! These Vampire Halloween Donuts are the prefect snack. Actually you can make them as funny or scary as you want with some vampire teeth and a little imagination.

Kids will truly squeal with delight when they see these funny looking tasty treats! Adult might just too.

These could not be simpler to make as all you need is an assortment of Donuts (or bagels work too), some chocolate chips (M&Ms work ok as well) and of course- don’t forget the Vampire Teeth!

Place the chocolate chips point down into the donuts to make eyes and stick the vampire teeth in the donut hole. I suggest using gloves- especially if kids are making these fun vampire faces as it gets a little sticky and messy if you are careful… plus, no one enjoys eating a donut that has finger prints all over it! If you want to add a bit of gore to your vampires, just add a little squirt of red food dye on the teeth for the bloody just bitten look!

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