Bot Fly Cupcakes

I have the biggest fear about bot flies- they are disgusting, burrowing, creepy little fly babies that turn into larva in your skin and eat you alive… literally. It is truly terrifying to google Bot Fly Removal on google… do yourself a favor- DON’T DO IT!! Ok, so now that we are clear with that- this disgusting trick or treat dessert is definitely a trick on the eyes and treat on the palate. Sometimes it can be hard to separate though!

This is a simple white cupcake with butter cream frosting covered in flesh color fondant. If you are not familiar with using fondant- you could also just go with a vanilla frosting mix and add in a little orange food coloring smoothing it out. Fondant is very pliable and can be rolled out flat and then molded as you like. Keep a hole in the top of the cupcake, add some red sugar sprinkles to resemble blood and a dab of custard to hold the bot fly larvae in place.

For the larvae, you can create one using additional fondant as Parasite Wonders did or purchase maggot candy for an easier route perhaps. The key really is the custard part because it looks just like the pus that you would actually see from a bot fly removal. Can you say GROSS!!! Removal looks a bit easier than in real life though so a fun time is sure to be had with these unique bot fly cupcakes!

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