5 Second Halloween Desserts

So I call these 5 second desserts- but that all really depends on how long it takes you to open the bag ๐Ÿ˜‰ Or sometimes if you take a few bites… it can a bit longer. These treats are easy to prepare and easy to eat and of course, easy to eat!

1. Spider Eggs– these are just powered donut holes with plastic spider rings tossed on top! If you want to get creative- grab an orange hang tag or piece of construction paper and write on there the treat of the night!

2. Witches Brooms– wrapped or unwrapped these guys are fast and fun. Pretzel sticks and Reeses peanut butter cups are always yummy and easy if you are in a pinch and need something fast!

3. Fruity Pumpkins & Cheesy Ghosts– OK, so maybe this one should be called how quick can you draw- but I am betting you could make some cute string cheese ghosts in under 5 seconds. Having fun and healthy snack options are a really good idea especially given all the kids allergies these days with wheat, dairy, and nuts. Parents also appreciate the gesture and lots of the little guys prefer foods they eat on a regular basis. Fruit cups, jello cups, and pudding cups are easy and fun. The little round cheeses and string cheese are delicious and always popular.

4. Marshmallow Faces– You can get creative with this quick treat. Just grab some marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles (orange, yellow or red also work) and make some spooky little faces.

5. Vampire Donuts– My all time favorite fast Halloween treat! I pretty much bring them to work every year on Halloween and most people expect it! Dollar Store has a big pack of teeth you just add to some donuts- smash em in so they stay and glue on some eyes with frosting or just melt some chocolate and dab on some peepers.

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