Fun Halloween Party Food

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With Halloween right around the corner, I am sure you are looking for fun Halloween inspired party food. Sometimes you want to be different and serve something that will make your parties memorable. Here are a few suggestions that will help you to spice up your Halloween party food and fun of the party.

• Create a fun dish with your kids, like ice cream with spooky candies like spiders or worms. You could get a lot of scary candies and gummies and let your guest make their own spooky ice cream.
• Make a homemade pizza with your kids and arrange a spooky face or a haunted house with your toppings. Your kids will love doing this and it will make eating it a blast.
• You could make dirt and worm cake or cups, which is a cool Halloween treat. You will need chocolate pudding and chocolate drink mix (powdered). Mix your powder and some gummy worms in with your chocolate pudding. The powder gives it a dirt feel. Dish it out into bowls or cups and it looks like dirt and worms but is a tasty treat. Serve it with a spoon. Kids will love it.
• Try to get Halloween sack cakes if you do not want to cook a lot. The grocery stores sell lots of exciting shapes like pumpkins and spooky witches. Kids and grown-ups alike will love these creamy little treats.
• Serve green eggs and ham. This is fun and all you have to do is use green food coloring. Prepare your eggs as desired and your ham then after it’s cooked, color it with your food coloring. It is fun and makes your party exciting when you are trying to get your adult friends to eat it.
• Make Halloween cupcakes with your kids and try buying a scary or creepy baking kit. You can buy some that have many cool designs and treats that are Halloween inspired. Try putting your own creativity in it.
• Make deviled eggs and color them red. This makes a creepy fun snack and you can pretend the red is blood. Kids really like these and it gives your party something different that is also unique.
• Use food coloring in your Halloween foods this makes it fun and different. It also gives it a more Halloween feel.
• Another fun food idea for Halloween is nachos and cheese. You can color your nachos a fun color and watch the faces of your kids and friends.
• Sandwich’s with a kick to them are a great party food. You can make fun sandwiches by adding details to them like putting a toothpick through them and then putting ketchup as if the sandwich is bleeding.
• If you like gummy eyeballs, you can make a necklace of eyeballs for your guests to wear and eat as well. You simply use a toothpick and tie a string on it then you thread your eyeballs through on to the string. It is fun and easy and your kids would love helping with it to.

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