10 Super Gross Halloween Candies

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Halloween is the one time of the year its OK for kids (and adults) to eat disgustingly named items such as severed fingers, and toe jam candy. It is all apart of the fun and fright of Halloween. Most of the kids favorite Halloween candy is chocolaty and gooey and makes them smile with delight. But what about giving the kids a special sugary treat that looks disgusting or even frightful this trick or treat year?! I think it is a really fun idea, and I am sure the kids will too- and you might be surprised to find that this gross Halloween candy actually tastes pretty good despite it’s grotesque look! Below are 10 super gross Halloween candy ideas for you to think about.

1. Gummy Flesh Fries

Detached fingers makes this candy super gross and a bit creepy, but its a gummy watermelon flavored treat for kids to enjoy once they get past the ick factor! Each frightful box holds several severed finger parts that look somewhat realistic, but not too realistic the kids won’t want to eat them up! The gross bloody tips pack an even greater flavorful taste! Share these gummies with fellow ghouls and goblins!

2. Gummy Earthworms!

Super realistic gummy earthworms will definitely have you thinking twice about putting these guys in your mouth. Eeck! Surprise trick-or-treaters with earthworm-shaped treats that taste delicious with a yummy root beer flavor. Also a fun idea to serve with ice cream as a treat for a simple Halloween kids recipe.

3. Liquid Blood Candy

These candy blood bags are really freaky and messy but make the best scary candy idea and even a clever way to use sweet fake blood on your gross Halloween recipes and party ideas. Its a delicious treat all kids will enjoy. Filled with realistic-looking watermelon-flavored liquid candy, these sweet treats will make them look twice!

4. Werewolf Cotton Candy

“Werewolf Hair” Cotton Candy is fun cherry-flavored candy that offers a hair-raising surprise for trick-or-treaters, These bags of fun Halloween cotton candy only look like werewolf fur but taste like fluffy carnival cotton candy that you might just have to try yourself!

5. Earwax Candy

Ack.. such a gross idea!! “Ear Wax” Gummy Candy will get your trick or treaters talking about your house this year! Hand out these gross goodies on Halloween night for a fun fright night surprise. Kids love gross goodies! Lemon flavor.

6. Toe Jam Candy

Another really gross idea but also one that will make kids scream with excitement and ick, is the Toe Jam Cotton Candy Treat Packs. Great for kids who love candy with a high “yuck factor,” these candy packs are a trick-or-treat surprise! Apple flavor.

7. Minty Maggot Candy

Super yucky and breath-freshening at the same time, these mint-flavored candy “maggots” make fun trick-or-treat bag favors and are perfect for Halloween parties.

8. Oozing Eyeball Candy

Oozing Eyeballs offer the best of both worlds. A neat treat that is gross to look at and even grosser to eat as the gushing candy on the inside explodes in the kids mouth! Don’t worry- these are super yummy! “Mad scientists”, optometrists and other trick-or-treaters love these gooey treats! Marshmallow candy with assorted fruit-flavored jelly fillings.

9. Realistic Gummy Bugs

Bug, bugs, bugs everywhere… how about a chance to eat them up this time and really give grandma that creeps! Realistic Gummy Bugs are the perfect Halloween treat to give away to trick or treaters or even at your Halloween party! Each gooey gummy is a “buggy” blast! Perfect to top gross Swamp-themed treats or tuck them in Halloween goody bags!

10. Creepy Gummy Eyeballs

A gummy candy with a mixed fruit flavor, these creepy peepers make fun treats for Halloween night!

Where can you find this gross Halloween candy? Oriental Trading Company!

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  • Lauren says:

    GROSS!!! These are so freaky, but fun at the same time. I can’t wait for out Halloween party- we will definately have to pick some of these up

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